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Since MSN first announced their closure of MSN Groups in Feb. 2009, I started looking for another place where my members could have discussions. Most places I have been are truly Blog sites. Yuku seems to be more like what we are all used to. Hope y'all enjoy Yuku as much as I have recently. Deciding which message to use as and introduction to was extremely difficult for me as all of Ahavah4's messages are very informative, and have excellent Scriptural backing. However, I have decided to use my friend, John M. Bland's message to me, in Ahava(h) from the old MSN Group. I was doing a name search (mine, ie. John M Bland) and ran into your website and was reading a discussion you had with a Jessee in 2006 about my thesis. what I was wondering is whether you guys are Jews. I did get a kick out of your trouble in accepting the so called Christian trinity. I never questioned it until I decided to take the view that Jesus was not G-d (even though I thought he was when I started) and write the thesis which came to be called "There Is One G-d". I think one of this biggest mistakes Christians make when looking at the trinity view is that they pay no attention to Jewish tradition and thought. I guess it is because the Jews refused to believe that Jesus was the Annointed. Anyway, keep in touch and keep me informed. I'm considered a huge heretic by most Christians but I guess I am :-). Nice meeting you thru email. John M Bland [I gamal, added the hyphens in G-d preferring not to spell his title out, in reverence to him,and respect to all my Messianic friends. Also, I deleted John's email address, otherwise John's message is original form].

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